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necesito saber cual de estas formas es correctas


We eat orange. or We eat an orange. thank you.

updated SEP 24, 2009
posted by GLORIMAR2208

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Hola Gloria,

We eat an orange is correct.

If you said "We eat orange" your audience would be expecting something orange to be an adjective, followed by something else. For instance, "We eat orange cake".

updated SEP 24, 2009
posted by Goyo


Maybe you got the idea for the question from Paralee's lessons. For example "She eats a strawberry." But "She eats Pizza." and not "She eats a Pizza." So why not "she eats strawberry / orange" ? The reason is that it is normal to eat a whole strawberry or orange but it is not normal for someone to eat a whole pizza. So we have to drop the article "a" which indicates a whole pizza but we do not drop it when we are talking about a small thing like an orange. If we do it sounds strange.

updated SEP 24, 2009
edited by ian-hill
posted by ian-hill
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