What are all the verbs in Spanish?

What are all the verbs in Spanish?


like what are some other verbs besides va & pasa & divierte and other verbs like those but all of them.

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That would be some list wouldn't it?

How about if I trade you all of my Spanish verbs for all of your English verbs?




I'll meet you back here in a year...tongue wink

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Yes, and don't forget essential verbs like inosculate, abrogate and flocculate. - lazarus1907, SEP 20, 2010

I have just bought myself the "Big red book of Spanish verbs" and I love it .

I think that I am better at understanding and memorising when I have a book in my

hands and can carry it around , I like the feel of it and being able to go back

and forward through the tenses and conjugations , but we are all different .

Maybe the younger members learn better on site using the translator I cannot

seam to get a handle on that , it is probably generational.

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I love that book. It's so helpful. - JoelMatthew, SEP 20, 2010

http://www.spaleon.com Is a spanish verb site where it shows you all the verbs and you can practise them.

It has the lists of the verbs at the top left of the site saying e.g present tense, imperfect...

Hope this is what your looking for wink

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Try Anki (Google it) - lazarus1907, SEP 20, 2010

Why is that some spanish words I remember straight away whereas other words, especially (los verbos) take me ages and continuous repetition (mismo un martillo) before it somehow reaches my longterm memory. Any tips???

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http://www.helpguide.org/life/improving_memory.htm - cheeseisyummy, SEP 23, 2009

This is what I found, I typed this into google: "list of all spanish verbs"


But I'm sure that can't be ALL of them....

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That list is about 8% of the verbs that can be found in a non-technical dictionary. - lazarus1907, SEP 20, 2010
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