abbreviation for apartamento would be?

abbreviation for apartamento would be?


Can the word "Apartamento" be abbreviated as apt?

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After looking a several resources this is what I found:

The most common usage for Apartment=Apartamento would be apto.

In Mexico they often use departamento instead of apartamento, the abbreviation would be dpto.

In Argentina they also use departamento instead of apartamento, but they use the abbreviations dep. and dept.

And in colloquial Spanish they use depa. for departamento. Hope that answers your question! smile

I thought that I would also leave you with a list of other Spanish Abbreviations:

Spanish abbreviation full name English:

c/ Calle Street

Avda. Avenida Avenue

P° Paseo Main Avenue

Crta. Carretera Highway

Rda. Ronda Loop (city hwy)

Plz. Plaza Plaza/Square

Blq. Bloque Block

S. (Sta.) San (Santa) Saint

Edif. or Ed. Edificio Building

Apto. Apartamento Apartment

Local Local Storefront

Esq. Esquina Corner

Ptl. Portal Entrance

Pta. Puerta Door

Izq. Izquierda Left

Dcha. Derecha Right

N° Número Number

s/n sin número no street number

1°, 2°, etc. primera planta, segunda planta 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.

Bjo. Bajo ground or street level

Mod. Módulo Module - office group

Dpto. Departamento Department

S.L. sociedad limitada Corporation (LLC)

S.A. sociedad anónima Company

Prov. Provincia Province

C.P. Codigo Postal Zip Code

Tlf. Teléfono Telephone

D.N.I Número de Identificacion Passport or DL Number

Saludos, LatinaPunk

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Thanks! This is very interesting! - Alicia-53, SEP 22, 2009
You're welcome! - LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA, SEP 22, 2009
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