Este or Este?

Este or Este?


What is the difference between este (meaning the direction East) and este (meaning "between")?

updated ENE 18, 2010
posted by HPuck
Este doesn`t mean between,we have este as in the compass point and esté meaning this and one has a tilde over the last e and the other doesn`t - kenwilliams, SEP 17, 2009
don't forget about "este" as in "this"... - gadjetman, ENE 15, 2010

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(I'm not aware that este can mean in between, do you mean entre?)

Well, you wouldn't ever say "el este" if you were talking about "this." One is a noun, the other is an adjective.

But words spelled the same and that sound the same do not require the same definition.

What is the difference between fish and fish? One is an animal and the other is a verb.

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buena respuesta fred:) - 00494d19, SEP 17, 2009


este = east : el sol sale por el este.

éste = this one (and not another): Los dos platos son iguales pero yo quiero éste.

este = demonstrative pronoun: este plato tiene comida para perro.

esté = 3rd person singular, present subjuntive of ´estar´. Ojalá Ernesto esté bien en su casa

updated ENE 18, 2010
posted by mediterrunio
"este plato" is an example of a demonstrative adjective - samdie, ENE 15, 2010
It's funny how the little things can trip us up, isn't it? - gadjetman, ENE 15, 2010
I love how people are always willing to help each other out on this site. I think it greatly inproves upon the learning process. - Joey-Jones, ENE 18, 2010

lo siento Kenwilliams pero I believe the tilde is over the first e (not the second) as in éste and yes it mean "this" when used for masculine words as in éste coche (this car). Feminine words would use ésta as in ésta mesa (this table) and again the tilde is over the first e. If you put the tilde over the second e, you would have to do the same with feminine words, making the word está which would end of being "it is a table".

To sum up what I am trying to say: éste = "this" for masculine words. ésta = "this" for feminine words. este = east. está = he/she/it/ is or you are (formal).

I'm still very new to the spanish language and have a tremendous amount to learn. But anytime I can put my learnings to the test and help someone in the process, I'm all for it. If anyone needs to correct me, please do so.

updated ENE 15, 2010
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posted by Joey-Jones
With an accent on the first syllabe it is/beocmes a demonstrative pronoun (not edjective). Thus your "éste coche" doesn't work. - samdie, ENE 15, 2010
You could, however, say "No me gusta ese coche, prefiero éste." - samdie, ENE 15, 2010
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