how do you say 91 in spanish?

how do you say 91 in spanish?


i need help on sayiing/spelling 91 in spanish?

updated SEP 16, 2009
posted by rodriguez94

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In spanish the number system is similar after 15 and up until 100.

If 20 is veinte, and one is uno, and 21 is veinte y uno, also constructed as veintiuno, can you figure out the construction for 91 if I give you the following information?:

noventa is 90 uno is 1

updated SEP 16, 2009
posted by Fredbong
I believe you don't add the "y" until treinta or 30 and above. - Nicole-B, SEP 15, 2009
I've seen it presented as optional, even though, I think diez y seis looks ugly. - 0074b507, SEP 15, 2009

The correct way of saying numbers between 15 and 30 is the following:

  1. dieciséis
  2. diecisiete
  3. dieciocho
  4. diecinueve
  5. veinte
  6. veintiuno
  7. veintidós
  8. veintitrés
  9. veinticuatro
  10. veinticinco
  11. veintiséis
  12. veintisiete
  13. veintiocho
  14. veintinueve
  15. treinta
  16. treinta y uno
  17. treinta y dos

Let's not confuse new learners smile

updated SEP 16, 2009
posted by Issabela
I may be wrong, perhaps contraction means something else in spanish, but these are considered contractions, while they are most oftened presented as with the i, it is not required. In the same way we don't always say "do not." - Fredbong, SEP 16, 2009

noventa y uno

updated SEP 15, 2009
posted by Nicole-B
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