How do you use double object pronouns?

How do you use double object pronouns?


For example-

¿Le pidió Juan el carro a su papa?

How do I answer that with double object?


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Do you mean "Direct" and "Indirect" object pronouns together? If so go to the "MORE" tab at the top of the page, then "REFERENCE" section, then to "GRAMMER".

Also Lesson 2.3 on this site.

Example:"Velma sacó una galleta de su bolsillo y se la lanzó." Velma took a cracker from her pocket and tossed it to him. (from a Scooby-Doo book in Spanish)

(se la lanzó = tossed it to him; la = it; se = him) "la" is the D.O., and "se" is the the I.O..

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can confirm that the leson referred to above is excellent. Had been strugling with DO AND IO PRONOUNS for ages. Got it it 5 mins. with this lesson - caza, SEP 16, 2009

¿Le pidió Juan el carro a su papa?



objeto directo=el carro

objeto indirecto=su papá y le

¿Se lo pidió Juan?

lo=el carro

se=le=su papá

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I don't get this one qfreed. My translation is "He asked John to his dad's car." - Daniel, SEP 15, 2009
Oh.... I think I get it now. Go ahead and expand your explaination for me. - Daniel, SEP 15, 2009
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