Can i remove my questions?


Is it possible to remove my questions?

updated OCT 2, 2009
posted by dines

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I asked this question once, and the moderators told me that they could only delete a question you asked. They probably only do it if it is a bad question that doesn't need to be shown on this site.

updated SEP 13, 2009
posted by sarahjs

I don't believe so. I believe the reasoning behind that is that wouldn't be fair to the people that took the time to answer your questions. (even if they were answers that you didn't wish to see).

And now with the rewards system someone might not like you removing your question that they posted and answer to and it was voted up several times.

What if I wrote a terrific answer (highly unlikely, I know) and someone in a later discussion wanted to refer to my answer and you had removed the entire thread?

updated SEP 13, 2009
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posted by 0074b507