Is there a way to say "Flashcard" in Spanish?

Is there a way to say "Flashcard" in Spanish?


I've tried using the English word, as well as "tarjetas de flash" (something I made up) but am getting blank expressions! There's nothing in the dictionary, but that's to be expected, as it's not a "real" word.

updated OCT 26, 2015
posted by Rangi
Why was this closed?? - rac1, OCT 26, 2015

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Tarjeta de memoria. Yo uso tarjetas de memoria para ayurdarme. La computadora me muestra la tarjeta, y yo le contesto. Si tengo la requesta correcta, the putadora me dice. Si no, tambien me lo dice. If you just walk up to someone and say tarjeta de memoria, I guess they would look at you a bit crazy. But if you were explaining something, and you filled out what you meant, they'd know. This happens all the time in the world of speaking spanish. It's such a big world, the vocabulary so grande, people are forever asking for clarification. Things don't happen in a vacuum. People don't just walk around saying words without context. So don't worry yourself to much. When someone says to you "Que?", just be prepared to claifiy what you are commicating. wink

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posted by ChamacoMalo

Hol a Rangi: Pues en realidad no hay, por eso lo llamamos aquí simplemente vocabulario.

Mira estas definiciones

  • flashcard tarjetas de vocabulario

  • flash card n nf tarjeta de
    vocabulario (salón de clases)

  • flash card n nf tarjeta ilustrativa (salón de clases)

  • flash card n nf tarjeta
    mnemotécnica (salón de clases)
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Son buenas, mejor que las que yo le presente a el. - ChamacoMalo, SEP 11, 2009

LOL...we have this one guy a work...american guy...he's forever just inventing words. He has a talent for it. Anyway, he always has us half in stiches (rolling on the floor laughing) with the words and phrases he just comes up with...but people always understand him.

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posted by ChamacoMalo

I had this same question when we were designing the flashcard feature over a year ago. We decided to just go with "flashcard" since we were under some space limitations and people seemed to understand the English term just as often as any of the Spanish made-up terms like "tarjetas de memoria," "tarjetas de flash," "tarjetas de practicar," etc. I hate using an English word instead of a Spanish one, but I haven't gotten too many complaints from the Spanish-speakers on this site about it.

updated DIC 24, 2009
posted by Paralee
En este lado del mundo, often times they just use the english word. Like the word jeans. They don't call them pantalone anymore because that can be any type of pantalone. - ChamacoMalo, SEP 11, 2009
and yea...we love to make up some words in spanish, don't we? Funny thing is...people actually understand them!! - ChamacoMalo, SEP 11, 2009
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