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what does the spanish word estamos mean in spanish


What does the spanish word estamos mean in english

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StOP iT!...? with the grammar policing and just answer their question like Nike did. If they asked about grammar then please, by all means, correct away. Also describing that estar is the main verb without defining what ester means is just criminal. Remember these questions most likely come from non-native speakers. Be gentle.

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The main verb is "estar" and the third person plural form is "estamos."

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in the indicative mood and the present and preterite tense. - 0074b507, SEP 10, 2009
only in the present, I'm afraid. - Vikingo, SEP 11, 2009

It means "we are". This is conditionally though. I.e. Aquí estamos. We are here. It comes from the verb estar. Hope that helps.

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