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A Spanish word similar to" bamanos"


What is a Spanish word that sounds similar to bamanos?

updated SEP 10, 2009
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posted by manton

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Greg and Manton, it is

Vámonos. Let's go!

updated SEP 10, 2009
posted by 00494d19
Thnaks! I thought that was correct,but I have an" Obamanos!" bumper sticker,and I wanted to make sure. - manton, SEP 10, 2009
Sorry, greg, I had to delete your post as it was accepted as correct. - 00494d19, SEP 10, 2009
I want you to know I wouldn't accept that kind of treatment from just anybody! :-) - Goyo, SEP 10, 2009
But thank you very much for the correction! It's more important for me to learn than for me to "be right". - Goyo, SEP 10, 2009

omg, that is really funny! LOL

This is a word game using

Obama +vamonos = Obama +nos= Obamanos

Something like: Let's got with Obama! Let's vote for....

updated SEP 10, 2009
posted by 00494d19
Exactly! - --Mariana--, SEP 10, 2009
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