"How do you like them apples?"

"How do you like them apples?"


Ok, beneath the dignity of the group but . . . how would you say something like "How do you like them apples?"

This is as far as I got:

Cómo te gustan esos manzanas?

Two things: First, do I need a les in their somewhere, which is my instinct but I get very confused about direct and indirect objects in the context of verbs last gustar and encantar. Second, I know that this isn't an expression used by native speakers. It is related to a joke.

Thanks for your insights and sorry to bother you with trivialities.

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Cómo te gustan esos manzanas?

¿Cómo te gustan esas manzanas?

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Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks. - ocbizlaw, SEP 9, 2009

How do you like them apples.?

This is slangish for "these apples or the apples"

¿Te gustan las manzanas?

We do not normally use cómo here in these kind fo questions when the answer is good or bad.

We can say: ¿Cómo te gusta el café? Fuerte, suave, ...con azúcar

Pero how did you like the man? ¿Cómo te gustó? This would not be correct.

This is the definition:

  1. adv. m. interrog. De qué modo, de qué manera.

So, if you can substitute como by which way or manner...you can use it, other wise not.

How did you like the concert? (Was it good?) ¿Te gustó concierto?

How do you like your soup? (in which way: hot, cold, ...) ¿Cómo te gusta la sopa?

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I hope this is the proper venue to elaborate but, agreeing with the fact that the English phrase "How do you like them apples?" is an expression, the equivalent Spanish expression would be "Andele! A ver como te gusta!". Literally, "So there. Let's see how you like it/that!".

I initially found this thread while looking for an even "cuter" equivalent Spanish expression equivalent. The above, in my view, would be used in a serious resentful situation and only teasingly when inflected as such. In my experience, replacing the classic expression with a farsical expression usually has the effect of taking the sting off. For example, "Andele! A ver como te gustan las papas con chilito!" (Lit. "So There! Let's see how you like potatoes with a little chile!").

Is anyone aware of a site that offers good Spanish sayings and variations?

Thanks, Rodney

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Welcome to SpanishDict. This is a thread from 2009, but maybe someone will check it. - rac1, ABR 10, 2015
This might confuse those learning English. "How do you like "them" apples" is bad English. The bad English shows that this is an "expression". - ian-hill, ABR 10, 2015
The normal good English would be "How do you like "those" apples?". - ian-hill, ABR 10, 2015
The "them" and "those" indicates that there are no actual apples to be seen. - ian-hill, ABR 10, 2015

Just as an aside...it is doubtful that this phrase would have the same meaning in Spanish as it does in English as I believe that this is strictly an American expression used to ask rhetorically (as when gloating), "What do you think about that."

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Yeah... it kind of has overtones of "So there!" - Valerie, SEP 9, 2009
Yes, I understand it's meaning in English and I understand a native Spanish speaker would not use it. I attempted to convey that in the body of the question. - ocbizlaw, SEP 9, 2009

Or also:

¿Cómo te gustan las manzanas?

¿Cómo quieres las manzanas?

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