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I would appreciate a little help with the idea "by the time..."

Example: By the time you get there, the food will be gone.

I'm inclined to say: Cuando por fin llegues, se habrá acabado la comida.

That is my best guess, but I feel there might be a better, more natural way to say it.

updated SEP 8, 2009
posted by Lezipo

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Cuando is the most natural word use. Cuando te llegas...

updated SEP 8, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo

I have found a few references but they differ with the context.

By the time he arrived - para cuando él llegó

By the time we got there he´d left - cuando llegamos allí ya se había ido

By this time - ya, antes de esto

By this time next year - el año que viene por estas fechas

updated SEP 8, 2009
posted by Eddy
Thanks Eddy, I think "para cuando" was the one I was looking for. - Lezipo, SEP 8, 2009
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