What the fastest way to become fluent in espanol


I was wondering what tips i can use to fluently speak español?

updated SEP 4, 2009
posted by nightsky011

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The absolute fastest way would be to immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking society where all contact you will have will be in Spanish (or with people who speak both Spanish and English so that they can help you learn and adjust). However, other than that, hard work pays off. Work every day. Speak it. Write it. Listen to the radio or the TV once you have picked up enough grammar. Work on building a solid vocabulary and basic grammar understanding.

Hope this helps.

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posted by unraveled

Well I would say magic is the fastest way. But since I don't happen to know any fairies or elves...

I would say try to find a place where lots of spanish speaking people gather and hang out in the city. Just make sure they are friendly and won't mind someone walking around trying to learn their language.

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