How do you say ". . .like nobody's business"

How do you say ". . .like nobody's business"


I'm guessing that it might depend on the country you're in, but how would a phrase like that go?
For example, in english, you could say. . ."I cook brownies like it's nobody's business!"
I mean, obviously you could say "Soy la mejor cocinera de brownies del mundo!"

Any cool spanish phrases that would go along with the "I can do it like it's nobody's business" concept? Ayudame!

Gracias :D

updated SEP 5, 2009
posted by Cachai

2 Answers


Would "lo hago como es fantástico" work in this situation.

updated SEP 15, 2009
posted by Eddy
Si, esto tambien si sirve - ChamacoMalo, SEP 4, 2009
but that's more like i do it fantastically, but the heart of it is the same. Not to be a jerk, I think the sentence your way would be "como lo hago es fantastico" and how do you make the accent? - ChamacoMalo, SEP 4, 2009
thank you! - Cachai, SEP 4, 2009
A quick way for á is ALT + 160 at the same time. - Eddy, SEP 5, 2009

Lo hago como nadie

updated SEP 15, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
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