Military Commands

Military Commands


I'm in cadets, and we have many drill commands, and we've learned the french versions, but I would love to teach my squadron the Spanish, but I can't seem to find the proper translations. Could you help? Example of our commands are ''Attention!'', ''Stand at Ease!'', ''Stand Easy'', ''Right Dress'', ''Quick March'', ''Left Turn'', and ''Right Turn''

I'd need the military translations, for example attention could be taken as ''Please give me your attention'', while we use it as ''Stand at attention''.

updated SEP 3, 2009
posted by LarissaKelly

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You may have to resort to looking up each one separately.

http://www.wordmagicsoft.com/dictionary/en-es/quick march.php

quick march Noun

Plural: quick marches

paso ordinario, marcha a paso largo, marcha a paso ordinario, marcha a paso redoblado, paso redoblado;

Synonyms: quick step, quick time; Marching at quick time.

updated SEP 3, 2009
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