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why does "I belong to you" not translate into spanish?

i can look up every individual word but putting them together as a statement wont work. por que????

updated SEP 3, 2009
posted by jennie-9669

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Pertenezco a ti.

Mi corazón y mi alma son los tuyos.

updated SEP 3, 2009
posted by 0074b507
Nice - Izanoni1, SEP 3, 2009

Hola Jennie

Quizás puedes decir

soy tuya

me posees

posees mi corazon o tienes mi corazón

Te he dado mi corazón a ti

Hello Jennie

Perhaps you can say

I'm yours

You own (possess) me

You own my heart or you have my heart

I have given my heart to you

updated SEP 3, 2009
edited by Izanoni1
posted by Izanoni1

Le he dado mi corazón a tú.

If the a tú is correct shouldn't the redundant, anticipatory pronounoun be te; not le.

I'm also 99% sure that the tú has to be a ti in the clarifying expression.

Me lo dió a mí. It's not "me lo dio a yo."

Te he dado mi corazón a ti.

soy tuya

Soy tuyo. I am yours. predicate nominative. (it would be el tuyo if the pronoun wasn't following Ser.)

The pronoun refers to you, therefore it is masculine. It's not the possessor (her) that it refers to.

Similar to the adjective. el libro mío. (masculine because of the book. It doesn't matter if the "my" refers to a male or female.

Oops! Forget all that. I forgot that you are translating for her. She is saying soy tuya which is correct.

updated SEP 3, 2009
edited by 0074b507
posted by 0074b507
I think that you are correct on that the ti is required after a preposition...thanks for reminding me, I will change it. - Izanoni1, SEP 3, 2009

soy ala tuya

updated SEP 3, 2009
posted by edward-redmond
ala = wing - webdunce, SEP 3, 2009
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