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Phone numbers, hypothetically...


Let´s say I was asked to give my phone number.

Would I say -cinco, cinco, cinco, uno, dos, tres, cuatro?-


Would I say -cinco, cinco, cinco y, uno, dos, tres, cuatro?-

Just out of curiosity.

Thank you.

updated OCT 17, 2009
posted by quépasa

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In Europe, Spain included, we tend to group it as 123-45-67-89 and say uno dos tres, cuarenta y cinco, sesenta y siete, ochenta y nueve. I guess it depends on where you are.

updated SEP 8, 2009
posted by candrthurley
That certainly works! The spoken version matches the written version. - webdunce, SEP 3, 2009

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updated OCT 17, 2009
posted by 0074b507

I recommend you pause between groups of numbers. Here in the US, the phone numbers have a pattern like this: xxx-xxx-xxxx. So, you should say, for example, ocho-cero-cero (pause) uno-duo-tres (pause) uno-duo-tres-cuatro. If you live in a country that groups the numbers differently, then pause between those groups whatever they may be.

updated SEP 3, 2009
posted by webdunce
The pauses needn't be monstrous...just a slight pause to let people know you've completed a group. - webdunce, SEP 3, 2009
I work at customer service and I hear phone numbers read every day. So, this is a pet peeve of mine. - webdunce, SEP 3, 2009
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