Why does she call herself Paralee? What does that mean?


Why does she call herself Paralee? What does it mean?

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Yes, I was named Paralee when I was born after my great, great, great grandmother Para Lee. It's an old southern double name kind of like the more common Sara Lee, Anna Marie, Rose Marie, Mary Susan, etc, but my dad liked it better as one name. So there's the history on why I "call" myself Paralee smile

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Oh, my! A Southern Belle!
Eres bondadosa
Quiero que me ayudes
Me gusta aprender con tu voz
Y vos también
Eres una profesora amable y graciosa
Quiero conocerte
Siempre te ayudaré
Feliz Navidad, Paralee
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What should her name be? Given that she runs that site, should it be Paraleer...? grin

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Are we to assume that this answer recieved a vote simply because it displayed a sense of humor. (That's not an objection, I, too, think it's funny).
Very funny - made me laugh!

I have a funny story to tell on this:

I did not recognize Paralee as a name and thought it was a nickname, so ....

Our Web creator Chris was getting married to lovely Laura and I sent Paralee a congratulation PM to her future wedding as I always thought she and Laura were the same person.

I wish I had seen her face.... LOL

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I bet Laura wasn't too pleased when she found out, ouch!!!
Is that, perhaps, related to your penchant for "nickname-ifying" everyone's handle?
:O lol

It's her name. Don't change yours to Lee, now.

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I put my name in one of the Spanish writing sections and it automatically changed my name to Paralee as well.

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This made me smile so I voted for it!

Knowing from experience, she prefers to be called "Parapantslee".

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I presume you are joking - no?
Actually, Zoltán, Howard does call me Parapantslee to irritate me on occasion. We are friends from college.

I put in my name as Amber in one of the "write" sections, and it automatically changed it to Paralee. I guess it's the Spanish equivalent?

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Perhaps she was named that way when she was born. Try Google for it and you will find the name's history. I did.

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