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What is an "imparable" in baseball?


What is an "imparable" in baseball?

updated JUN 23, 2010
posted by Demokritos

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Imparable, can mean not stoppable. May refer to a player or a shot.

updated AGO 31, 2009
posted by 00494d19

no, imparable does not refer to a player but to the shot: it qualifies the shot

"imparable" is a single

the batter hit a single

it's a baseball term: it wasn't an error, it was a single; a hit

(if you hit the ball but the defensive player bobbles the ball or drops it or throws it over the firstbasemen's head and you are not out, that's not a 'hit'

no es imparable

imparable because a good fielder making a good play could not have gotten the ball to the first base man before the batter reached the base

“ya tiene tres imparables” “ya pegó tres imparables en lo que va del partido”

updated JUN 23, 2010
posted by johnboy
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