¿Sabes lo que ocurrió?

¿Sabes lo que ocurrió?


dear friends, what does lo refer to, "que ocurrió"? thanks

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the lo que together mean "which" or sometime "that". They are relative pronouns. see link below:

-el que los que

-la que las que

-lo que

-el cual los cuales

-la cual las cuales

-lo cual

relative pronouns

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thanks a lot, qfreed - zhoujian, AGO 31, 2009

"lo que" instead of "qué" is normally used in the middle of a sentence I am told. Why I have no idea. grin

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posted by ian-hill
Have you done lesson 4.12? That one and the upcoming one are on relative pronouns (or relative clauses anyway). - 0074b507, AGO 31, 2009
Are you sure about the tilde one the qué? I'm always confused with como or cómo in the middle of the sentence when it translate as "how" rather than "as". - 0074b507, AGO 31, 2009
As far as I know the qué is used in interrogatives and exclamations only. - 0074b507, AGO 31, 2009
Right. No accent. here it's simply a relative pronoun (that which happened). - samdie, AGO 31, 2009

En Ingles seria : Do you know what has happened? Creo que la formacion de la frase en Español es distinta al Ingles, no podes frecuentemente traducir literalmente Susana

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