What does "ua" and "himaginandote" mean ?

What does "ua" and "himaginandote" mean ?


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Context: gracias por responderme lei tu maill ua y otra vez himaginandote cuando la escribias para mi.

I know that imaginando is Gerund of imaginar, but I wonder what the "h" and "te" mean. I couldn't find the word as it is written above in any online translator but it seems to exist as I found some spanish sites where it is used. I couldn't find anything about "ua" either, maybe is only mispelling or abbreviation ? This Spanish is from Peru, by the way.

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This Spanish is from Peru, by the way.

The Spanish is wrong, whether it is from Peru, or not. That "h" is a big blunder.

Imaginándote = imagining you

"Ua" is a misspelling for "una".

Remember that finding one word in several web pages only proves that a few people write the same way, and not that all of them can write properly.

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