I cannot hear anything in the 'Listen" section

I cannot hear anything in the 'Listen" section


I cannot hear anything in the 'Listen" section even after checking my computer's Media Player. It works for other things.

updated MAR 12, 2012
posted by dbharp1

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Hello, I joined this website today and am looking forward to learning Spanish with everyone. I had this same problem when trying to hear the word of the day or things in the 'listen' section. I did find an answer on the Microsoft site that works for me. You must enable access to Windows Media Player in order to listen to the mp3 sounds. You can do that through 'set program access and defaults'. MP3s play through Windows Media Player. You can hear an mp3 through Windows Explorer, but notthrough Internet Explorer (8 in my case). Also verify that Windows Media Player is enabled in your add-ons. Click on Tools/Manage Add ons.


updated AGO 11, 2012
posted by 0095ca4c

It works fine for me, at least Spanish lesson 2.6, which I just checked.

It must be a driver of some kind that's not loaded on your PC. Do you have flash?

updated AGO 29, 2009
posted by Goyo
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