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How do you say "Hopefully we will see each other soon" in Spanish?


I know there are different adverb phrases for hopefully....such as "Con optimismo..." but to see each other is would have to have nos in front of the verb, right? And what would that verb be? Ver? Thanks!

updated AGO 27, 2009
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Have a look here: Ojelá que

And at this site for a song about this word: Song teaching subjunctive with ojelá

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posted by Janice

I would probably say Ojalá que nos vemos pronto, but you could also start with Si Dios quiere, nos veremos pronto, or Espero que nos vemos pronto.

So, yes, you would have nos first, and the conjugation of ver would depend on who you were talking to and how you wanted to say it.

updated AGO 27, 2009
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Most of those would have to use the subjunctive. "Ojalá que nos veamos pronto". "Espero que nos veamos pronto". - Nick-Cortina, AGO 27, 2009
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