I have searched the web for the best 'self help' Spanish lessons

I have searched the web for the best 'self help' Spanish lessons


I have been to many sites, paid and unpaid to find the best web-site to help me learn Spanish.

To cut a long story short, I don't think that you will find anything better than Paralee's lessons and the other help that is available here.

Whilst I would like some audio lessons to listen to in the car -nothing seems to be as effective as watching the lessons here and doing the exercises.

updated FEB 21, 2010
posted by Stig345
THank you so much, Roger! That is such an awesome compliment. Hopefully we will have some sort of audio conversational mp3s in the future. We just need more support for them! - Paralee, AGO 26, 2009
what do you mean by that? "We just need more support for them!" - cheeseisyummy, AGO 26, 2009
In order to spend time (and money) developing a new product, a company needs to know that it will benefit them. If tons of you guys start bombarding the feedback and forum asking for it, you will probably get it. And that goes for pretty much anything. - Paralee, AGO 27, 2009

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Roger, I am sure that you would be helped not just by audio lessons in your car, but simply to listen to audio books, short stories, etc.. Check the local library for tapes or CDs which you can capture via "Audacity" to mp3 files to then listen to in your car.

I suggest trying to find something for which you also get a text, -- even though you certainly hope not to have to use the written word -- but to which you can turn when after listening, listening some more, listening more carefully, and listening even "harder", you find that you still cannot understand what you have heard.

In another thread someone pointed us to the University of Texas Spanish proficiency exercises. These video interviews can be downloaded, the audio portion captured to mp3 format to which you can listen in the car.

You will also like the visual element and, by the way, while watching you can turn on or off either English or Spanish text, too. (I try hard to keep it off!)

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

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posted by Janice
Thank you that is a great site. Shows me I don't understand much ! I would like something for the car as that would give me another 30 minutes a day with Spanish. - Stig345, AGO 27, 2009

Roger said:

I would like some audio lessons to listen to in the car

I really like the Pimsleur lessons on CD. I borrowed them from my library and downloaded them to my iPod.

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posted by --Mariana--
that is wher I started with one and two. - Stig345, AGO 26, 2009
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