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Help me translate?


I was asking someone in Spain about a place to stay over there. They asked me when I was going to be there. I told them about a week. Here's what they said :

"Lo siento, es poco tiempo. Suerte!"

Does anyone know what they mean? Is what they said good or bad?

Here's the whole conversation:

Me: Estoy interesado en una opportunidad de vivienda para el semestre de otoño.

Person: Hola, quisiera saber cuánto tiempo piensas permanecer en Valencia.

Me: Pienso a llegar el primero de septiembre y salir el 23 de deciembre

Person: Lo siento, es poco tiempo. Suerte!

updated AGO 25, 2009
posted by rdmayo21

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Is there a duplicate posting of this thread?

[duplicate post][1]

[1]: Help me translate something from spanish to english?

Now i understand why the answer that I had read is no longer here.

updated AGO 25, 2009
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posted by 0074b507

What happened to the answer that was here previously. I liked it.

I especially liked her take on how you may have confused the person that you were talking to.

They asked me when I was going to be there. The normal answer for that would be:

I told them IN about a week.

you actually said, however:

They asked me when I was going to be there. I told them about a week.

The is the normal answer for:

How long are you going to be there?

That confusion lead to the person's answer, that, in turn, confused you: "es poco tiempo" as you are going to be there several months, not just a week.

I thought that it was an insightful reply. I can't imagine why it was deleted.

updated AGO 25, 2009
posted by 0074b507
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