Help me translate something from spanish to english?


I was asking someone in Spain about a place to stay over there. They asked me when I was going to be there. I told them about a week. Here's what they said :

"Lo siento, es poco tiempo. Suerte!"

Does anyone know what they mean? Is what they said good or bad?

Here's the whole conversation:

Me: Estoy interesado en una opportunidad de vivienda para el semestre de otoño.

Person: Hola, quisiera saber cuánto tiempo piensas permanecer en Valencia.

Me: Pienso a llegar el primero de septiembre y salir el 23 de deciembre

Person: Lo siento, es poco tiempo. Suerte!

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The person responded to your answer by expressing that they were sorry, that [about a week] is little time. And the person then wished you luck.

I have a suspicion that the person may have misunderstood you. Reading your question here it is unclear to me as to whether or not they were asking you when you would arrive, during what season you would be coming or -- given your response - how long you would be planning to stay.

Perhaps they were answering that they do not have time to help you find a place to stay if only given a week. Or perhaps they own a hotel that is all booked up next week..

What was the whole conversation. Maybe you should call them again.

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Aha! Your party did, then, indeed want to know how long you would be staying. Unfortunately, they were unable to offer you lodging for such a short amount of time. Their complex must have a minimum lease requirement - only rent for longer periods of time.

I have run into similar problems right here in the US - apartment complexes often have a minimum lease of a year, for example, but I usually only need to stay three to six months or so. It can be a problem - or expensive.

The party, as I mentioned before, sounds to me to have been very polite and wished you good luck. And so do I!!

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