What is the difference between preguntar and pedir?


I know these both mean "to ask" but would you use these in different circumstances or are they interchangeable?

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They are not interchangeable.

Preguntar= to ask (as in a question)

Por ejemplo: preguntar algo a alguien = to ask somebody something (a question)

Pedir=to ask for (as in a request)

Por ejemplo: pedir algo a alguien = to ask somebody for something (a drink of water)

Here's a link to study the differences a bit more.

pedir vs. preguntar

p.s I got these examples straight from SpanishDict's dictionary.

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Another way to use the verb "preguntar" : If you are wondering about something, you'd say "me pregunto si..." = "I wonder if...." Literally, you are saying "I ask myself if..."