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Hola, how do i initiate a wildcard search. gracias.

updated AGO 25, 2009
posted by egary

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Hi egary,

This reference article explains the new wildcard search feature. Basically, in the dictionary search box (at the top of this page, with the TRANSLATE button), just put a * where you want to allow any characters. For instance:

"*ing" returns:

  • morning
  • bring
  • going
  • amaznig
  • anything
  • camping
  • parking
  • smoking
  • jogging
  • footing

It's not working perfectly at the moment, but that should be fixed soon enough....

updated AGO 25, 2009
posted by Toph
It seems to work great if I put in three letters, e.g., "hab*" but not if I put more, e.g. "habl" - --Mariana--, AGO 25, 2009
That should be fixed now. - Toph, AGO 25, 2009
It works! Thank you! - --Mariana--, AGO 25, 2009
Thank NateDogg, haha... - Toph, AGO 25, 2009
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