Will some one please proof read my flash cards?

Will some one please proof read my flash cards?


Hi All, I am so confused by "pretérito imperfecto, indicativo, subjuntivo" and all of the other terms for tenses that I've decided to make flash cards for the literal conjugated verbs. My first list is for "ser." It took me a while to decipher the conjugation chart and I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I'd be real appreciative to any one who will check it for me and let me know if I've made any mistakes. I'd hate to start studying if it's all wrong!! Thanks so much!

[link] (http://www.spanishdict.com/flashcards/5682/ser-to-be-essentialexample.com/)

updated AGO 23, 2009
posted by elora

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"Fui" can also be "era"

"fuisteis" can also be "erais"

And the rest with all "to be" verbs.

Otherwise, everything seems fine.

By the way, the stress in the synthesized voice is wrong in some words.

updated AGO 23, 2009
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Thank you Lazarus, you've been very helpful. - elora, AGO 23, 2009
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