for a young girl how do i get better at my language?

for a young girl how do i get better at my language?


For a young girl, How can i study spanish when i only know english?

updated AGO 21, 2009
posted by moomoo

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The above information is great. In addition, set goals for yourself and spend some time daily in several different areas. These include time spent studying, listening, reading, writing and hopefully speaking. Even on busy days, do "something". Everyone wastes time reading magazines in the doctor's office or waiting for the train, etc. You would be more wise to spend these free moments memorizing Spanish vocabulary or working on your conjugations. Most of all be patient and have fun. If you work consistently, you will be amazed at your progress in no time. Good Luck!!

updated AGO 21, 2009
posted by Nicole-B
I agree! Daily is the key! - Alicia-53, AGO 21, 2009

Let's see.... there are Spanish books, Spanish TV shows, Spanish CDs, Spanish music, Spanish podcasts, Spanish websites, Spanish classes, Spanish radio stations, Spanish friends, Spanish signs in stores, Spanish instructions, Spanish restaurants, Spanish You-Tube videos and so on. If you are willing to work at it, you will find many ways to learn Spanish. But it won't just come to you - it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time to learn Spanish. And it's a lot of FUN! Try it, you'll probably LIKE it!

updated AGO 21, 2009
posted by Alicia-53

take a spanish class, or just make some new friends that speak spanish. i think that is the best way.... because you learn things that they dont teach in school.

and for the writing, try making a pen pal and chat or send emails grin

updated AGO 20, 2009
posted by NikkiLR
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