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How do you spell " Muchisamas?"


Muchisimas Gracias

updated AGO 20, 2009
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Work a little bit in your pronunciation, because in Spanish no one ever mistakes one vowel for another (not even drunk or drugged), unlike in English, where Columbia and Colombia sound pretty much the same.

This confusion is normally due to the fact that English speakers totally mispronounce Spanish vowels, making a sound that is neither a Spanish "a" nor a Spanish "i". If you mispronounce them, surely you can't differentiate them either.

Don't take it bad: English has over 14 vowel sounds that overlap a lot, and Spanish has 5 that don't overlap at all; that's why in Spanish there is no room for confusion.

updated AGO 20, 2009
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posted by lazarus1907
No native mistakes vowels, but those with an untutored ear do! I have a folder f sample-attached questions waiting for Troph to start a pronunciation category - all samples being from professional Spanish (peninsular, I've learned to call them) speakers! - Janice, AGO 20, 2009
Native Spanish speakers struggle to differentiate between English vowels, B and V, and many other sounds we don't have. It is onyl normal. - lazarus1907, AGO 20, 2009
English has 12 vowel sounds and I believe Spanish has at least 6 (two sounds from E and diphthongs). B and V sound different in English but sound the same in Spanish. - epicfail, AGO 20, 2009
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