Question Marks

Question Marks


During my flash card session there were letters below the "write" box with accents. However there was no upside down question mark. This meant when I put the answer "how are you ?" in the box it was marked as incorrect, and the correction gave it with the upside down question mark in front. Why was there no symbol available for me to use ?

Thank you

updated NOV 25, 2009
posted by peaceful-wren

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I don't know why they don't have the Spanish punctuation; however, Lazarus posted an excellent step-by-step guide to "installing" a Spanish keyboard- in other words, reprogramming your keyboard so it can easily type Spanish characters. That post is here:


I did so myself and found my flashcard recall speeds were greatly increased, once I got used to using it, anyways. I use the Mexican keyboard, and the "¿" character is found where the "=" normally is.

And just in case you're worried, it's extremely easy to switch back and forth.

updated AGO 18, 2009
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posted by randomraccoon
Gracias - peaceful-wren, AGO 18, 2009
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