Is it true that wearing a tongue piercing/ring helps pronunciation to become better?


anyone know anything about it ?

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posted by CarlouiS
*Is it true that wearing/having a tongue piercing/ring helps pronunciation to become better?* would be the correct way to ask your question in English.
It makes me wonder where you had heard this from.

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I had three children who all wore tongue studs (ear, eyebrow, nose and lip rings...not all at the same time, thank God).

Wearing a tongue stud never helped any of them speak any clearer English.

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posted by 0074b507
well i guess it depend where we from , im latino and our acent is differnt than british or amercan acent.. so that's why maybe for us when we learn english late is good to wear a tongue piercing... is other case if we learn since child.. ?

Wildly unlikely (though, perhaps, it doesn't make the pronunciation worse). Since the typical standard for "good" pronunciation is "The way most (educated) people speak and, since most people do not have tongue piercings, it's very hard to see how having a piercing could make one sound more like the people who don't.

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posted by samdie
the only wy to know it i think is asking people around haha.. thanks for ur comment.