Easiest lesson to achieve a perfect score?

Easiest lesson to achieve a perfect score?


Hi everybody! I was just wondering which lessons other people have gotten perfect scores in, so that those seeking the "Star Student" badge would know where to start.

I had been having trouble typing fast enough in the recall section of the flashcards, so I chose lesson 1.8 about numbers and time, because it was mostly short. For the long ones (e.g. "son las cuatro y cuarto") I typed them in another window, and then copied and pasted them.

Anyone else want to share their tips and success stories?

updated SEP 26, 2009
posted by randomraccoon
I'm here to learn Spanish, not to achieve a perfect score. Good luck to you! - Alicia-53, AGO 16, 2009

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I did both the Learn Spanish and Learn English series. I found that I usually scored a little higher on the English lessons (surprisingly not much-which says something either about my Spanish or about my English, probably the latter).

So if you are only interested in going for a badge (and I hate that concept and one that I brought up before they implemented the reward system) then do the English lessons.

I've been complaining since my first lesson that they are more of a typing test than a test of your knowledge. Before it didn't matter before, because the points meant nothing beyond a gauge to measure your progress, but now they're trying to provide a reward which I disagree with.

One good benefit for me was that I used to use a desktop virtual keyboard where I could click on the Spanish symbols to type them. That took too long for the lessons so I was forced to learn how to install a keyboard capable of making the letters. A much better method, so the "typing tests" helped me.

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I fully agree. I think the time you have to type before a point goes down should be based on the length of the word, eg. 1 second every 3 letters or something. I sent the suggestion, but I'm not expecting much. - randomraccoon, AGO 31, 2009

la sección 1.1 es el más fácil

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