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¿Qué significa la frase "cuando nunca"?


I am interested in knowing what the phrase "Cuando nunca" means. It was used by one of my native Spanish speaking friends, and from context I thought it meant something like "Whatever" in relation to something unexpected. Am I on the right road, and what is an equivalent phrase in English? ¡Muchas gracias!

updated AGO 15, 2009
posted by Alicia2919

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I believe that this means something like **when never happens ** as in the lyrics from El Arrebato - Dame Cariño

Cuando nunca es el momento.

I believe in this context it means something like When never is the right time or basically It´s never going to happen

However, it might help to have a little bit more of the conversation for contextual cues.

updated AGO 15, 2009
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