Flashcard correction

Flashcard correction


I believe that there is an error in the grains and dairy/Los granos y los productos lácteos flashcard set.

It gives vertir as the word for to pour; however, I am pretty sure that the correct spelling would be verter.

I believe that this word derives from the Latin root word vertere--to turn.

Other words sharing a similar root are trasverter--to overflow and vertedero--spillway or dumping ground. raspberry

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posted by Izanoni1
izan, you know better than this!! another one sent to the dunce corner! pay attention to the category! - 00494d19, AGO 27, 2009

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All corrected! I can get to these kinds of errors much faster if you PM me directly. Thanks for paying such close attention and you have a special place in my heart for using Latin as evidence for your claim. It was my first "foreign language" and I do wish I could spend more time with it.

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posted by Paralee
Latin was my first foreign language as well - Izanoni1, AGO 17, 2009

you are right, it is wrong.

updated AGO 17, 2009
posted by sarahjs

I have reported this fault. Hopefully it will be corrected as soon as possible.

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posted by Eddy
It was reported some time ago. - 0074b507, AGO 15, 2009
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