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Is this right?


"Yo he querido ser un hombre con millón dólares." this is NOT subjuntivo, right??

updated AGO 15, 2009
posted by Tien-Min-Wang

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There is no subjunctive verb used in that sentence if that is what you are asking.

The subjunctive verb usually occurs in a subordinate clause.

He querido que....+subjunctive verb

So I suppose what you are asking is if "to be a man with a million dollars" is subjunctive or indicative. Sounds subjunctive to me, but I hope that it is not contrary- to-fact grin

If I recall correctly you have to use un with millón

...un millón de dolares.

Not a native. You might await better (or even lucid) advice.

updated AGO 15, 2009
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posted by 0074b507
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