pictures on flashcards

pictures on flashcards


Is there a way to put pictures on your flashcards so that you don´t always see the english equivalents of the words?

updated MAY 20, 2011
posted by Izanoni1

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If I recall correctly, when you create a list you have two columns: one listed Spanish and one listed English.

Put your Spanish in the Spanish column and your link to the picture in the English column. There is no English to hide.

That is how the staff does it. The bad news is that you can't do that at the moment. To link to the pictures you would have to upload all of your pictures into a database or folder on the server. You don't have access to the server.

If you wrote a link to a picture located on another server you would have to wait for the picture to download every time that you looked at a card. Not practical.

I've never tried it, but since you can run these cards on your personal website it's possible that you could create an image folder on your website and create links to that folder. I doubt that even that would work though, because I'm sure that there is something in the software that preloads the pictures from an image source. Since you don't have access to the preload coding you couldn't tell it where your images are to preload them.

So, long story short, you cannot create picture flashcards at this time. Only the staff can.

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Thanks you.

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posted by Allepe79

HI Mila, only Paralee the teacher can do that actually, not even the admins have this possibility,

No, there is no chance to put this into action for everybody, as this is a copyright issue.

Welcome to the forum, Milasmile

updated FEB 3, 2011
posted by 00494d19

are ther any plans for adding a way to put pictures in the flashcards, in the future?

updated FEB 3, 2011
posted by miladea
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