Can I buy service without pop up ads?

Can I buy service without pop up ads?


I like this online dictionary. However, I am exacerbated by pop up ads that I have to click just to read what is underneath this page. Coud I buy this dictionary and install it on my computer? Or, can I pay a subscription for a cleaner site without pop up ads?



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posted by pablosep
I downloaded the dictionary and shut down WIFI and turn on airplane mode when I want to stop ads. - michaelwmauser, SEP 2, 2016

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Hi Pablo!

SpanishDict is 100% free. It can neither be installed nor purchased. However, once you reach 4000 reputation points, you will notice the amount of advertising to be greatly reduced.

Since SpanishDict is free, it needs to pay the bills somehow and that is where the ads come in.

As you continue to learn and participate here, you will hardly even notice them.

Sorry about the inconvenience, and I hope that the ads don't stop you from meeting other language learners here on SD, learning from our great resources, and reaching your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish and/or English.

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Damn Sonrisa, I wish I could be as well spoken as you. - sacabrillo, DIC 28, 2011
You never cease to amaze me, Girl! ;) - territurtle, DIC 29, 2011

Sonrisa said,

As you continue to learn and participate here, you will hardly even notice them.

That's right, and you know what pablosep, I've actually "gone into" and made use of some of the ads - no, not the weight loss ones - or the "you can learn spanish in less than one day type ads" - other stuff - useful stuff wink

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Jeje, you are right, Annie. Some of them have made me buy things! :P - SonrisaDelSol, DIC 28, 2011
A veces pueden ser utilizados como herramientas de aprendizaje, también. - territurtle, DIC 29, 2011

I will forward this idea to the webcreator, welcome to the forumgrin

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Oh thank, you -- thank you -- thank you!! I have long dreamed of this. Just as some SD users can offer to moderate, others can offer "donations" and receive special status. - territurtle, DIC 29, 2011

Welcome to the forum!

4000 rep points gets you less ads.

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