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The listen section of Aprender inglés 1?


The person who is saying the words distorts them to a degree in which i can not understand. It causes me to mess up even when I know the answer. I use Internet Explorer 8, could this be causing the problem?

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Is anybody else having this roblem? - valleruc, AGO 12, 2009

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That seems to be an occasional problem with loading or using the speech synthesizer software just as there is accessing pictures. I just tried the Escuchar/Listen portion of that lesson and it played ok. (using Chrome)

However, one of the cards was appropriate: Estoy confundido.

I kept missing "I am mad". Estoy enojado(a).

Since the voice in the Learn English lessons is female I selected Estoy enojada. Wrong. Next pass through the cards I picked: Estoy enojado. Wrong.

I've done enough of the lesson to understand what was going on or I would still be cursing. The cards were made using images one with a male and one with a female picture (perhaps in the Learn Spanish lesson and then recycled). In this portion of the lesson there are only text prompts so you have no idea which is which. Also if you understand the random nature of how the other 3 prompts besides the correct answer are selected, sometimes estoy enojado and estoy enojada are on the same card and sometimes they are not. So sometimes you're not going to make a mistake because only one enojado(a) answer will be there and at other times both will be there and you must guess.

These lessons are always interesting as much for there technical applications as for learning Spanish. There are workaround for these problems. Turn of the random display order under Options and go through the card to see whether the male or female card comes first. Then redo the cards knowing when to use the feminine or masculine adjective.

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