following this site

following this site


is the "follow this site" thing for a website you make or something? or can it be on a website you currently use?

updated AGO 12, 2009
posted by sarahjs

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To follow SpanishDict, you can click on any one of the options in the window to the right. You can put it on an existing website (like facebook or twitter) or your own.

You can follow us on Twitter and get the word of the day and any important announcements. You can follow us on Facebook and know when a new video is posted and become a Fan. You can get the Word of the Day email delivered to you personally every day. Or you can subscribe to an Rss feed of your choice: Word of the Day, the Blog, or the Answers section.

If you want to embed something on your own website, you can embed one of our widgets like the Word of the Day or the dictionary into the code on your website. So many ways to spread the word!

updated DIC 25, 2009
edited by Paralee
posted by Paralee
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