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I have noticed that sometimes there are no pictures during the "recognize" part of the lesson. I was wondering if nobody has submitted pictures for those questions, my computer is messed up, or if it is any other reason. Please help fix this bug because it could be causing other people to lose points on their lessons. I am using Interenet Explorer 8. I have tried to do it without pictures, but it isn't as easy.

updated AGO 11, 2009
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posted by valleruc
The problem is still there...I don't know what to do. - valleruc, AGO 11, 2009
Click on the options (lower left) and uncheck the images. You will only get text prompts. - 0074b507, AGO 11, 2009

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It can also be a specific browser problem. Some work better than others on this particular site. Try changing browser or doing what dawn suggests. We hope to have these snags resolved in the future.

updated AGO 11, 2009
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i know that has happened to me a few times - I think it is probably related to computer issues - because when I do the same lesson again (after logging out and logging back in, and restarting my computer) there are pictures there.... smile

updated AGO 11, 2009
posted by dawn34
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