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Site does not work at this location


This is not a complaint, but I thought you'd like to know about this-

I have discovered that SpanishDict.com doesn't work on the free wifi system at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

I first noticed this on Friday, and thought the new website had crashed somehow. I was on all kinds of sites that day, and all worked flawlessly except Spanishdict.com. It worked fine when I got home that night, so I didn't think twice about it.

But back at the hospital on Saturday, it still wasn't working. I thought maybe it was something about the browser on my laptop not agreeing with the new site, so I downloaded Google Chrome, but had the same issues on Chrome as I did with IE7.

When I got back home on Saturday night I tried the laptop from home, and it was fine.

Now I'm back at the hospital on the laptop. Again the site doesn't come up. So I disconnected from their free wifi and connected by tethering my laptop to my cellphone. Now I can get on SpanishDict.com just fine.

Clearly there is something about the system at Baptist East Hospital that does not allow the site to fully load.

Below is a pic of what I am getting through their free wifi.

alt text

updated JUN 4, 2012
posted by Goyo

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Well it's funny but it's working now, so I guess it may be like you said. But it had seriously not worked for 3 days from here.

updated AGO 9, 2009
posted by Goyo

This is common, I think. MySpace sometimes does that on my computer, and on the computers at my school. Just try again later perhaps, Sorry to hear you have a reason to be at a hospital......

updated AGO 9, 2009
posted by eric_collins
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