how should i start learning spanish?


starting a new language seem to be difficult. i wanna know should i have a teacher(joine spanish class).? can i teach myself with spanish books?

updated AGO 8, 2009
posted by aysan

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You could try both perhaps, Did you not think about the video lessons on here? They are very good and I was very suprised when I first joined this website. Welcome to the forums of Spanish and English!

updated AGO 8, 2009
posted by eric_collins

I joined livemocha and it really helps with the speaking part, but my grammar sucks. So, I signed up for a class at my local college. You can't really teach yourself something you have no knowledge of.

updated AGO 9, 2009
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posted by angelbabyliz
Livemocha es bien, no es muy bueno pero es vale.
Out of curiosity are you saying: Livemocha is, well, not very good, but ok.? using well as an interjection. Otherwise, it would have to be Livemocho is good (bueno), it's not great, but ok.