Resistir a algo vs. Resistir algo

Resistir a algo vs. Resistir algo


This is really an extension of my "Verbs Accompanied by Prepositions" thread, but I wanted to create a new thread, since my question was erased when the update kicked in. Anway:

I read on this site's dictionary that "resistir a algo" means "to resist something". I also read that "resistir algo" means the same thing. Is there a subtle nuance between the form with "a" and the form without?

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Resistir algo/alguien = to endure or bear any suffering, external force or adverse effect without being affected; also, to tolerate.

Resistir a algo/alguien = to defend onself from someone's aggression forcefully.

Resistirse a + (verb) = to refrain oneself from doing something, to oppose something. Using an "inverted construction" (like "gustar"), it means to be difficult.

Used without objects, it means to withstand something steadily for a period of time.

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