How to get to "MY PAGE"

How to get to "MY PAGE"


There are two ways to get to the page:

1) click on your name tab on the top right of the screen. 2) click on users and find your picture there and click on your name

I think the first is the easiest. grin

You will find your page MUCH improved, very colourful and friendly, with all latest activity shown, all your badges for membership and all kind of information about yourself and your questions and answers.

To send a PM (private message) go to the member's page and click on "send PM" just below the picture and badges.

We hope to be able to add photos to this page in time. wink

updated JUN 11, 2015
posted by 00494d19

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I think it was James Santiago who suggested a while back that a member's native language should be both a required field in the profile and displayed in all posts. Whether James gets the points/merit badge/whatever or not, I would like to resurrect/revitalize that suggestion.

updated JUN 11, 2015
posted by samdie
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