Nosotros Commands

Nosotros Commands


This command is used when the speaker suggests an action to be performed by a group of people that includes the speaker. There are two ways to form nosotros commands in Spanish: the ir form and the subjunctive form.

The Ir Nosotros Command Form

It is very common to use the present indicative nosotros form of the verb ir to command a group to which you are a part.

  • Vamos a nadar. (Let´s go swim.)
  • Vamos a salir. (Let´s leave.)
  • Vamos al restaurante. (Let´s go to the restaurant.)

Pronoun Placement

Pronoun placement: the pronoun(s) is/are attached to the end of affirmative commands.

  • Tráigamelo. (Bring it to me.)

The Subjunctive Nosotros Command Form

The subjunctive form is more common in informal speech among friends. To form the subjunctive nosotros command, simply state the verb in the nosotros form of the present subjunctive.

  • Tomemos un taxi. (Let´s take a taxi.)
  • Comamos aquí. (Let´s eat here.)
  • Vayamos al restaurante. (Let´s go to the restaurant.)

Pronoun Placement

When attaching nos or se to the end of affirmative nosotros commands,

drop the final -s before attaching the pronoun.

  • Sentemos + nos = Sentémonos aquí. (Let´s sit here.)
  • Hagamos + se + la = Hagámosela (Let´s make it for her.)

Negative Nosotros Commands

For negative nosotros commands, there is only one form: the present subjunctive.

  • No nademos. (Let´s not swim.)
  • No salgamos. (Let´s not leave.)

Pronoun Placement

Reflexive, object, and indirect object pronouns precede negative pronouns.

  • No los comamos. (Let´s not eat them.)


1) Conjugate each verb in parenthesis to the subjunctive nosotros command form.

Example: (Ir) a bailar. -> Vayamos

  1. No (hablar) de política.
  2. (Escuchar) la música.
  3. (Gritar).
  4. (Correr) por el parque.
  5. (Jugar) al fútbol.


  1. hablemos
  2. Escuchemos
  3. Gritemos
  4. Corramos
  5. Juguemos
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