you had made
-habías hecho
Past perfectconjugation ofmake. There are other translations for this conjugation.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to produce)
a. hacer
I want to learn to make furniture.Quiero aprender a hacer muebles.
b. preparar
I'm going to make a wonderful dinner.Voy a preparar una cena fantástica.
2. (to cause)
a. crear
Your sister makes problems wherever she goes.Tu hermana crea problemas vaya adonde vaya.
3. (to compel)
a. hacer
My mother made me clean my room.Mi madre me hizo limpiar la habitación.
4. (to cause to be)
a. hacer
The appreciation I got from my team made me feel good.El aprecio de mi equipo me hizo sentirme bien.
b. poner
The movie made me feel sad.La película me puso triste.
5. (to reach)
a. llegar a
If we hurry, we can make it to the movie on time.Si nos apuramos, podemos llegar a tiempo a la película.
6. (to perform)
a. hacer
I have just made the payment for the invoice.Acabo de hacer el pago de la factura.
b. efectuar
The bank teller informed me that the payment will be made immediately.El cajero del banco me informó que el pago se efectuará de inmediato.
7. (to be or become)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
A stick can make a pretty good baseball bat.Un palo puede actuar como un bate de béisbol.
You are going to make great parents one day.Un día serán padres magníficos.
8. (to earn)
a. ganar
With the money I'll make working during the summer, I will pay my college tuition.Con el dinero que ganaré trabajando durante el verano, me pagaré la matrícula de la universidad.
9. (to carry out)
a. cometer
Everyone makes mistakes every now and then, but you have to learn from them.Todo el mundo comete errores de vez en cuando, pero tienes que aprender de ellos.
b. tomar
The owner of the company made the decision to give everyone a raise.El dueño de la empresa tomó la decisión de darles a todos un aumento de salario.
10. (to make successful)
a. consagrar
I think this is the song that will make you.Creo que esta es la canción que te consagrará.
b. asegurar el futuro de
You'll see; this app is going to make me.Ya verás; esta app me va a asegurar el futuro.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
11. (to act)
a. hacer
My ex-girlfriend made as if she didn't notice me when I waved to her.Mi exnovia hizo como si no me hubiera visto cuando la saludé con la mano.
12. (to proceed)
a. dirigirse
In case of a fire, keep calm, and make for the nearest exit.En caso de incendio, mantengan la calma y diríjanse a la salida más cercana.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
13. (brand)
a. la marca
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
What is the make and model of the vehicle?¿Cuál es la marca y el modelo del vehículo?
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (brand)
a. la marca
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
2. (colloquial)
to be on the makebuscar sólo el propio beneficio
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
3. (produce, prepare, perform)
a. hacer
4. (payment, transaction)
a. realizar, efectuar
5. (speech)
a. pronunciar
6. (decision)
a. tomar
7. (mistake)
a. cometer
to make a promisehacer una promesa
made in Spainfabricado(a) en España
made from or out of…hecho(a) con or de…
8. (colloquial)
I'll show them what I'm made ofles voy a demostrar quién soy yo
9. (colloquial)
I'm not made of money!¡que no soy millonario(a) or de oro!
to make something of oneselfconvertirse en una persona de provecho
two and two make fourdos y dos son cuatro
to make a choiceelegir
to make a differencecambiar mucho las cosas (a mejor)
it doesn't make any differenceda lo mismo
to make a noisehacer ruido
to make troublecrear problemas
10. (earn; money)
a. ganar
to make a livingganarse la vida
to make a name for oneselfcrearse or labrarse una reputación
11. (cause to be successful)
to make ittener éxito, llegar a la cima
you've got it madelo tienes todo hecho
this book made hereste libro le dio la fama
it's make or breakes la hora de la verdad
it made my dayme alegró el día
12. (cause to be)
a. hacer
to make somebody happyhacer feliz a alguien
to make somebody sadentristecer a alguien
to make somebody hungrydar hambre a alguien
to make somebody tiredcansar a alguien
that made me angryeso me enfadó, enojó
to make somebody a present of somethingregalar algo a alguien
13. (compel)
to make somebody do somethinghacer que alguien haga algo
they made us wear suitsnos obligaron a llevar traje
don't make me laugh!¡no me hagas reír!
14. (estimate, calculate)
what time do you make it?¿qué hora tienes?
I make it £50 in totalcalculo un total de 50 libras
15. (reach)
a. (colloquial)
to make itllegar (a tiempo)
to make the chartsllegar a las listas de éxitos
to make the first teamconseguir entrar en el primer equipo
16. (become, be)
a. ser
he'll make a good doctor/singerserá un buen médico/cantante
17. (manage to attend; show, meeting)
a. llegar a
I can make two o'clockpuedo estar allí para las dos
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
18. (act)
to make as if or as though to do somethinghacer como si se fuera a hacer algo
to make doarreglárselas
to make believe (that)…imaginarse que…
to make sure or certain (of something)asegurarse (de algo)
make [meɪk] made (past)
When make is part of a set combination, eg make an attempt, make a bow, make a case, make sure, look up the other word.
transitive verb
1 (create, prepare) [+fire, bed, tea, will, remark, plan, suggestion] hacer; [+dress] hacer; confeccionar; [+shelter] construir; [+meal] hacer; preparar; [+record] grabar; [+film] rodar; (manufacture) [+tool, machine] fabricar; hacer
I'm going to make a cake voy a hacer un pastel; I make my bed every morning me hago la cama cada mañana; he made it himself lo hizo él mismo; God made man Dios hizo al hombre; don't make a noise no hagas ruido; "made in Spain" [+tool, machine] "fabricado en España"; [+dress] "confeccionado en España"; [+nougat, chocolate] "elaborado en España"; he's as cunning as they make 'em es de lo más astuto que hay; this car isn't made to carry eight people este coche no está pensado para ocho personas; they don't make songs like that any more ya no componen canciones como las de antes
they were made for each other estaban hechos el uno para el otro
I'm not made for running
her shoes weren't made for walking llevaba unos zapatos poco adecuados para caminar
we had the curtains made to measure nos hicieron las cortinas a medida
it's made of gold es de oro; está hecho de oro
to show what one is made of made of silver
2 (carry out) [+journey, effort] hacer; [+speech] pronunciar; [+payment] efectuar; [+error] cometer
make a right turn here
I'd like to make a phone call quisiera hacer una llamada; he made an agreement to pay off the arrears se comprometió a pagar los atrasos
it's three weeks since I made the application and I haven't heard anything to make plans for the future I haven't made any plans for the weekend he made a plan to escape She realized they had made their plans without consulting her once Carl made an agreement with her, he would live by it I had a company in my district trying to make an agreement with a British company to make an electrogyroscope the Seminoles' head chief made an agreement to migrate to the Indian Territory
3 (earn) ganar
how much do you make? ¿cuánto ganas?; he makes £350 a week gana 350 libras a la semana; the deal made him £500 ganó 500 libras con el negocio; el negocio le reportó 500 libras; the film made millions la película recaudó millones
how much do you stand to make? the company made 2.5 million last year that toy has made the firm more than all its other products put together to make a fortune he could have made a [fortune] as an actor arms dealers are making a fortune out of this war to make a [profit] he made a profit of half a million on the deal the business makes a profit the purpose of investing is to make a profit He makes no profit on your ship until it's working our objective is to break even rather than make a profit
4 (reach, achieve) [+place] llegar a
will we make Paris before lunch? ¿llegaremos a París antes de la hora de comer?
we made good time
Lara made a hundred (Cricket) Lara hizo or se anotó 100 carreras; the novel made the bestseller list la novela entró en las listas de libros más vendidos
we made it just in time llegamos justo a tiempo
can you make it by 10? ¿puedes llegar a las 10?; sorry, I can't make it lo siento, no puedo or no me va bien; do you think he'll make (it to) university? ¿crees que conseguirá ir a la universidad?; he made (it into) the first team consiguió entrar en el primer equipo; you've got the talent to make it con tu talento llegarás muy lejos; to make it with sb (informal) (sexually) hacérselo con algn (informal)
eventually we made [it]
to make land (Náut) llegar a tierra
to make port (Náut) tomar puerto
he's got it made tiene el éxito asegurado
though XTC's current single and video are getting some exposure on radio and television in this country, that doesn't mean the band's got it made more important than anything else is honesty. Once you can fake that, you've got it made I reckon the company that makes those toys has got it made
5 (say, agree)
let's make it 9 o'clock pongamos las 9; another beer, please, no, make that two otra cerveza por favor, no, que sean dos
6 (cause to succeed)
this film made her esta película la consagró; he was made for life se aseguró un porvenir brillante
to make or break sth/sb
this deal will make or break him con este negocio o fracasa o se asegura el éxito; sex can make or break a relationship el sexo es determinante en una relación; el sexo puede afianzar una relación o hacer que fracase
media exposure can make or break a candidate a tenth of a point won or lost in forecasting sales could make or break careers these reforms will make or break his government your letter made my [day]!
7 (constitute)
this log makes a good seat este tronco va muy bien de asiento; he'll make somebody a good husband va a ser or hará un buen marido para algn; it'll make a (nice) change not to have to cook every day lo de no tener que cocinar cada día estará muy bien; ¡qué descanso, no tener que cocinar cada día!
they make a lovely couple hacen muy buena pareja
he'll make a good footballer será buen futbolista
it makes pleasant reading es una lectura amena
the latest report doesn't make pleasant reading
it still doesn't make a set todavía no completa un juego entero
it made a nice surprise fue una sorpresa agradable
8 (equal)
two and two make four dos y dos son cuatro; this one makes 20 con este son or hacen 20; how much does that make (altogether)? ¿a cuánto sube (en total)?; 8 pints make a gallon 8 pintas hacen or son un galón
9 (calculate) calcular
what do you make the total? ¿cuánto calculas que es el total?; how many do you make it? ¿cuántos calculas que hay?; I make the total 17 calculo que hay 17 en total
what time do you make it what do you make the time? ¿qué hora tienes?
I make it 6 o'clock yo tengo las 6
10 (Cards) [+trick] ganar; hacer; (Bridge) [+contract] cumplir;
11 (in set structures)
to make sb sth (cause to be)
to make sb king hacer rey a algn; he made her his wife la hizo su esposa; they've made Owen secretary han nombrado secretario a Owen; he made her a star hizo de ella una estrella
to make sb/sth (+ adjective/past participle)
to make sb happy hacer feliz a algn; to make sb angry poner furioso a algn; to make o.s. heard hacerse oír; the noise made concentration difficult or made it difficult to concentrate con ese ruido era difícil concentrarse; why make things difficult for yourself? ¿por qué te complicas la vida?
to make sb ashamed to make sb sleepy to make sb rich to make sb nervous to make o.s. comfortable it makes me sick/ashamed I ate so much chocolate it made me ill he'll make himself ill if he carries on working this hard to make sth ready to make sth difficult he made it difficult for us to go out the closeness of their relationship made it difficult for her to break away the tightness of her trousers made it difficult to walk the mutilated condition of the bodies made identification difficult everyone is told to stand up and make believe they're at a party
to make sth/sb into sth convertir algo/a algn en algo
we made the guest room into a study convertimos la habitación de los invitados en estudio; they have made him into a cult figure lo han convertido en un ídolo; the fibres are made into rope con las fibras se hace cuerda
the milk is made into cheese the hide is made into handbags don't try and make yourself into something you aren't to make a friend of sb look up other combinations, eg to make sb thirsty, to make o.s. useful, at the adjective
to make sb do sth (cause to do sth) hacer a algn hacer algo; (force to do sth) hacer a algn hacer algo; obligar a algn a hacer algo
to make sb laugh/cry hacer reír/llorar a algn; now look what you've made me do! ¡mira lo que me has hecho hacer!; what made you say that? ¿cómo se te ocurrió decir eso?; ¿por qué dijiste eso?; what makes you do it? ¿qué es lo que te lleva a hacerlo?; it makes you think, doesn't it? da que pensar ¿no?
the film made her cry he bumped into me and made me drop the tray
he made me apologize to the teacher me hizo pedir perdón or me obligó a pedir perdón al profesor; you can't make me (do it) no puedes obligarme (a hacerlo); I was made to wait for an hour me hicieron esperar una hora
they made her apologize
to make o.s. do sth obligarse a hacer algo
I have to make myself (do it) tengo que obligarme (a hacerlo); tengo que hacer un esfuerzo (por hacerlo); she made herself look him in the eye tuvo que obligarse a mirarle a los ojos
I tried to make myself believe it
to make sth do, make [do] with sth arreglárselas or apañárselas con algo
I'll make do with what I've got me las arreglaré con lo que tengo
there's not really enough material to make the curtains but I'll have to make it do you'll have to make do with a cheaper car
12 (in set expressions)
to make good [+promise] cumplir; [+accusation] hacer bueno; probar; [+claim] justificar; [+loss] compensar; [+damage] reparar; (pay) pagar
to make sth of sth (understand)
I don't know what to make of it no sé qué pensar; what do you make of Anna? ¿qué piensas de Anna?; ¿qué te parece Anna?; what do you make of this? ¿qué te parece esto?
what did you make of the film?
I can't make anything of this letter no entiendo nada de lo que pone esta carta; no saco nada en claro de esta carta; (give importance to) I think you're making rather too much of what I said creo que le estás dando demasiada importancia a lo que dije
he made a lot of the accident but the car only had a scratch
intransitive verb
(in set expressions)
to make after sb perseguir a algn; correr tras algn
suppose they came to and made after him, though it didn't seem very likely - he'd hit them really hard
he made as if to hizo como si; hizo ademán de
he made as if to strike me hizo como si me fuera a pegar; hizo ademán de pegarme
she made as if to protest, then hesitated
to make good [+ex-criminal] rehabilitar; reformar
he was making like he didn't have any money (US) hacía como si no tuviera dinero
it's make or break time for the England team al equipo inglés le ha llegado la hora de la verdad
(brand) marca (f)
what make of car was it? ¿qué marca de coche era?; they are our own make son de nuestra propia marca
this jam is our own make
they have rifles of Belgian make tienen fusiles de fabricación belga
to be on the make (for money) estar intentando sacar tajada (informal); (for power) ser muy ambicioso; (for sex) ir a la caza (informal); ir de ligoteo (informal)
the town is full of dealers on the make he was never not earning. He had to be on the make, however trivially the film's central character is a witty loner called Chili on the make in Hollywood he's seen as a yuppie on the make, a boy-wonder governor who wants to put 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on his resume with Oxford and Yale Law School
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