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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (related to labor)
a. laboral (business)
The standard working hours in the United States are from nine to five.Las horas laborales normales en los Estados Unidos son de las nueve hasta las cinco.
b. obrero (class)
When I was a kid, my family belonged to the working class.Cuando era niño, mi familia pertenecía a la clase obrera.
c. trabajador (person)
After many years of studying, she can finally call herself a working woman.Después de muchos años de estudio, ella finalmente puede llamarse una mujer trabajadora.
2. (operating)
a. operativo
The car isn't pretty, but it is in working order.El coche no es bonito, pero sí está operativo.
3. (fundamental)
a. básico
I have a working knowledge of plumbing, so I might be able to help.Tengo un conocimiento básico de plomería, así que tal vez pueda ayudar.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
4. (operation)
a. el funcionamiento
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
High employee morale is critical to the working of a business.La buena moral de los empleados es clave para el funcionamiento de un negocio.
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1. funcionamiento (m) (operation) (of machine)
  • workings mecanismo (m) , maquinaria (f) (mechanism)
2. con trabajo, trabajador(ora) (person)
  • to have a working knowledge of French tener un conocimiento básico de francés
  • to be in working order funcionar bien
  • working agreement acuerdo (m) tácito
  • the working class la clase trabajadora or obrera
  • working clothes/conditions ropa (f) / condiciones (f pl) de trabajo
  • working day jornada (f) laboral
  • working hours horario (m) de trabajo
  • working life vida (f) laboral
  • working lunch almuerzo (m) de trabajo
  • working majority mayoría (f) suficiente
  • working model prototipo (m)
  • working party comisión (f) de trabajo
  • working population población (f) activa
WORKING HOURS La jornada laboral del Reino Unido es normalmente de 35 a 38 horas a la semana. El horario suele ser de 9 a 5, con una hora de descanso para comer. Hoy día a menudo las horas extras no son remuneradas en los trabajos de oficina. En sectores como la hostelería o los hospitales, se puede llegar a trabajar entre 50 y 60 horas a la semana. Ciertas empresas ofrecen un sistema de horarios flexibles (llamado “flexitime” en Reino Unido o “flextime” en Estados Unidos), que permite a los empleados distribuir con cierta libertad su horario de trabajo: pueden, por ejemplo, empezar o terminar más tarde, siempre y cuando estén presentes a unas horas determinadas por la empresa. En cuanto a las vacaciones, lo normal son 4 ó 5 semanas al año, incluyendo las vacaciones de Navidad. En Estados Unidos, los empleados trabajan entre 40 y 45 horas a la semana, generalmente de 8 a 5 con una hora de descanso. El “flextime” está menos extendido que en el Reino Unido y las horas extras tampoco se suelen remunerar. Las vacaciones varían entre 1 a 4 semanas y aumentan según la antigüedad del trabajador en la empresa.
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working [ˈwɜːkɪŋ]
1 (economically active) [+person] trabajador; que trabaja; [+population] activo
Almost 13 per cent of the working population is already unemployed She's a part of the working population of this country just the same as you.
working mothers madres (f) trabajadoras; madres (f) que trabajan
Like working women anywhere, Asian women are buying convenience foods
the working man el hombre trabajador or que trabaja; the working woman la mujer trabajadora or que trabaja
The 1990s have been hailed as the decade of the working woman
ordinary working people gente trabajadora normal y corriente; he's a working dog es un perro de trabajo or labor
One or two, in blue suits, might have been bank officials. Others were clearly working men Is the Labour Party the great champion of the working man?
2 (relating to work) [+conditions, practice, environment, week] laboral; [+life] laboral; activo; [+day] laborable; [+breakfast, lunch] de trabajo; [+clothes] de faena; de trabajo
your order will be sent within three working days (Britain) su pedido será despachado en un plazo de tres días laborables; my working day begins at eight a.m. mi jornada (laboral or de trabajo) empieza a las ocho de la mañana
They emerged from a working lunch at the ambassador's residence He started his working life as a truck driver It was an ordinary working day for them stolen cards will be replaced by the [next] working day Automation would bring a shorter, more flexible working week
during working hours durante horas de trabajo
The unions will be demanding a reduction in working hours The decree bans all political activity in the workplace during working hours
working patterns pautas (f) laborales; pautas (f) de trabajo
3 (provisional) [+title, definition] momentáneo; provisional
The working title for the script was "Trust the People" This is a good general purpose working definition
working hypothesis hipótesis (f) de trabajo
My working hypothesis about education appears to be valid
4 (functioning) [+farm, mill, steam train] en funcionamiento
...a working dairy farm The kitchen on any working farm is the centre of things ...China's retention of a number of working steam trains
to have a working knowledge of sth tener conocimientos básicos de algo
This book was designed in order to provide a working knowledge of finance and accounts he has a working knowledge of French
to be in working order funcionar perfectamente
The engine was now in working order There are only 25 left in good working order
1 (operation) [of machine, engine, computer] funcionamiento (m); [of mine] explotación (f)
2 workings [of organization, parliament] forma (f) de funcionar; [of machine, engine, computer] (operation, way of working) funcionamiento (m); (mechanism) mecanismo (m)
if you look in here you can see the machine workings he removed the casing to see the workings of the engine it was amazing to see the workings of such a powerful computer she spent a week at head office to get to know the workings of the company The general workings of a Wall Street bank are discussed in the programme... for most people the workings of parliament are a mystery It's as incomprehensible to ordinary people as the workings of a fast breeder reactor.
the workings of his mind su forma de pensar
(mine) mina (f); (excavations) excavaciones (f)
The company has always been associated with iron workings...
working assets (n) (Comm) (Economics) activo (m) circulante
working capital (n) (Comm) (Economics) capital (m) circulante; capital (m) de explotación
the working class(es) (n) la clase obrera; la clase trabajadora
They were ordinary people drawn from working, managerial and professional classes
working expenses (n) gastos (m) de explotación
working face (n) cara (f) de trabajo
working group (n) grupo (m) de trabajo;on sobre
working holiday (n) vacaciones en las que se combina el trabajo con el ocio
He set off for a working holiday in Australia
working majority (n) (Pol) mayoría (f) suficiente
That leaves the Prime Minister, Mr V P Singh, without a working majority in parliament to have a working majority to win/lose a working majority
working model (n) modelo (m) articulado
working paper (n) documento (m) de trabajo
working parts (n) partes (f) activas
working partner (n) socio (m) activo
working party (n)
working group See culture box in entry working.
The working party's report was hardly controversial ...the 1957 working party on African land tenure
working relationship (n) relación (f) de trabajo
they have a good working relationship tienen una buena relación de trabajo; trabajan bien juntos
she has a good working relationship with her Russian colleagues
working vacation (n) (US)
working holiday See culture box in entry working.
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