work in
work in
transitive verb phrase
1. (to add) 
Work the seasoning in so that all the meat gets that flavor.Incorpora la sazón de modo que toda la carne absorba ese sabor.
2. (to include) 
a. incluir 
The band works in some of Cuban music's most famous choruses during the song.La banda incluye algunos de los coros más famosos de la música cubana durante la canción.
work in
transitive verb phrase
1. (include) 
a. añadir, incluir 
work in
(fit in) ajustarse a; cuadrar con
it works in quite well with our plans esto se ajusta bastante bien a nuestros planes; esto cuadra bastante bien con nuestros planes
transitive verb
1 [+screw etc] (slowly) introducir poco a poco; (with difficulty) meter con esfuerzo
2 [+quotation, reference, subject] meter
He worked the incident into his speech
we'll try to work in a reference somewhere trataremos de meter una referencia en alguna parte
3 (mix in) agregar; añadir
Work the manure in with a small fork before planting Mix 1 avocado, 1 banana, 2 eggs, and 3fl oz of double cream in a blender, Apply all over hair, work it in and make sure the ends are well covered
work the flour in gradually agregar or añadir la harina poco a poco
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